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Massive Haul of Narcotics Worth Billions Destroyed in Amit Shah's Presence

In a groundbreaking event presided over by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, a conference on "Drugs Trafficking and National Security" took place at Atal Akshay Urja Bhavan in the national capital. This gathering marked a significant milestone in the government's relentless fight against drugs, as an astounding quantity of narcotics worth billions was eradicated across multiple regions of the country. The collaborative effort of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and Anti-Narcotics Task Forces (ANTFs) from various states resulted in the destruction of over 1.44 lakh kilograms of drugs, equivalent to a staggering value of Rs. 2,416 crore. Addressing the conference, Home Minister Amit Shah emphasized the urgent need for collective action against the menace of drugs. He highlighted the crucial importance of putting an end to the production and circulation of narcotics. Shah also acknowledged the remarkable progress made in the battle against drugs, stating, "In the span of one year, the total quantity of drugs destroyed will reach approximately 10 lakh kilograms, with an estimated value of around Rs. 12,000 crore." The ambitious goal of creating a drug-free India by the centenary of independence was mentioned by Shah, who affirmed, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target that when the country celebrates its hundred years of independence, India should be completely free from the clutches of drugs. It is our collective responsibility, with both the central and state governments working together, to ensure the success of this campaign and create a nation where the youth are free from the grip of drugs." The operation conducted by the NCB and ANTFs witnessed substantial quantities of drugs being destroyed across different states. The drugs eradicated included 6,590 kilograms by NCB's Hyderabad unit, 822 kilograms by Indore, and 356 kilograms by Jammu. Collaborative efforts from law enforcement agencies in various states resulted in the destruction of a total of 1,44,122 kilograms of drugs. Notable quantities include 1,486 kilograms in Assam, 229 kilograms in Chandigarh, 25 kilograms in Goa, 4,277 kilograms in Gujarat, 4,069 kilograms in Jammu and Kashmir, 1,03,884 kilograms in Madhya Pradesh, 159 kilograms in Maharashtra, 1,803 kilograms in Tripura, and 4,049 kilograms in Uttar Pradesh. The government's unwavering commitment to adopting a "Zero Tolerance" policy against narcotics was highlighted in an official release, emphasizing the pursuit of a drug-free India. From June 1, 2022, to July 15, 2023, the regional units of the NCB and ANTFs, in their combined efforts, destroyed approximately 8,76,554 kilograms of seized drugs, amounting to a value of around Rs. 9,580 crore. This remarkable achievement surpassed the set targets by over eleven times. This recent drug destruction operation has further contributed to the ongoing campaign, bringing the total quantity of drugs destroyed within one year to an astonishing 10 lakh kilograms, worth approximately Rs. 12,000 crore. The government remains resolute in its pursuit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of a drug-free India, with a continued focus on actively demolishing the drug network across the nation. The collective determination of the NCB, ANTFs, and various law enforcement agencies is a testament to the government's unwavering stance against the drug menace. The significant destruction of this massive quantity of narcotics underscores the government's commitment to safeguarding the well-being and security of its citizens. Read More Latest Sports News only on Republic World (https://www.republicworld.com/) Republic World is a dynamic and most trusted source of news and information, founded by journalist and entrepreneur Arnab Goswami. We cater live and in-depth coverage of comprehensive news headlines and articles, covering a wide range of topics including India news, entertainment news, sports news (https://www.republicworld.com/) and much more. Republic World features breaking news in India, current news headlines, India news live and today's India News https://www.prnewsreleaser.com/news/3144?feed_id=1539&_unique_id=64b5276b99f54
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