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Cuteness overflow! Japan’s Shiba Inu 3-D art glasses

Cuteness overflow! Japan’s Shiba Inu 3-D art glasses

We all know that Japanese are good at making ordinary things cute, but this is just ... too cute! 

Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu is the Japanese Internet’s favorite dog, the fox-look-alike dogs are very adorable which make Shiba the most fashionable breed in Japan.

Japanese glassware maker Goodglas caught many people's eyes when it unveiled its adorable Shiba Inu-shaped drinking glasses last winter. However, they didn't put on a scarf for the dog in their previous version and many people complained about that. So they created an updated Shiba glass with scarf in place.

The double-wall design creates a space within a space inside the glass, which in this case is shaped like the neck, face, and head of a Shiba, complete with perky ears and an energetically friendly expression. The real fun, though, comes when you fill them with a beverage, creating a liquid sculpture of the dog.

All versions of the Shiba Inu glass are priced at 3,200 yen (US$30) each.

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