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Lay Zhang Releases Vibrant MV Showcasing Hunan’s Rich Culture

"The landscape features picturesque rivers and mountains, while the historical city is enriched by cultural relics and historical sites. The Xiang River flows day and night, bearing the imprint of millennia-old history of this realm; Traditional flower-drum opera, Hunan opera, and Hunan embroidery are all fascinating local elements interwoven with the hospitality of the local people, leaving an enduring impression on visitors from all over the world." This is the splendid scene depicted in the song "Hu Nan Yao Ding Kuo". In the latest episode of the variety show "Show It All", the Hunan culture and tourism promotional song "Hu Nan Yao Ding Kuo" and its music video, created by the "Hunan Culture and Tourism Ambassador" Lay Zhang in collaboration with the girl group R.E.D, premiered online. The audio was simultaneously released on multiple platforms including NetEase Cloud Music, QQ Music, KuGou Music, and Kuwo Music.

Long-awaited! Lay Zhang's Brand-new Single Has Been Released

"Hu Nan Yao Ding Kuo", replete with playful elements, has gained widespread attention and sparked lively discussions since its release. Many netizens from across the country expressed envy toward those in Hunan in the comment section, saying things like "The song is so catchy. I need to find myself an excuse to visit Hunan at once", "I would like to visit Hunan immediately after listening to Lay Zhang's new sound. Our country has been included in China's visa waiver program, so i can make an arrangement for a trip right now", "How come this song is making me hungrier"," and "Hunan is such a place filled with chic elements". From these comments, it is evident that this "unique" promotional song for Hunan's culture and tourism not only makes Hunan netizens feel extremely proud of their hometown, but also inspires netizens from across the country to visit Hunan for a tourist trip.

Many netizens have also inquired in the comment section of the song about the meaning of the catchy phrase "Yao Ding Kuo". In the latest episode of the variety show "Show It All", Lay Zhang shared the mystery behind "Yao Ding Kuo". "It is derived from Yao Yao Ding Ding Kuo, a game from our childhood. The person who is most likely to win is the one with the purest heart, or a child. As the saying goes - 'the new generation always surpasses the old'." said Zhang. He used "Yao Yao Ding Ding Kuo", the local expression for "Rock, Paper, Scissors", a children's game in Hunan, to name this promotional song for Hunan's culture and tourism. "Yao Ding Kuo" represents not only a childhood game that is popular among children but also a form of "cultural inheritance". He ingeniously applied the phrase "Yao Ding Kuo" to the song, showcasing the scenic beauty, delicious food, and rich culture of his hometown, Hunan. Moreover, this game of random selection and results seems to convey to tourists, both domestic and international, that no matter which city or tourist route they randomly choose in Hunan, it could lead to a wonderful experience.

Lay Zhang selected "Yao Ding Kuo" as the theme word in his new song, expressing his deep love for his hometown. His original intention is to weave Hunan's magnificent landscapes, ancient relics, and the warmth and hospitality of its people into his song, allowing it to serve as a postcard showcasing Hunan's unique charm to the world.

In this song, Lay Zhang perfectly integrates his personal M-Pop style with Hunan culture, harmoniously blending traditional Chinese music and instruments with global pop music. This fusion of musical philosophies creates a refreshing breeze from the East in the global music trend.

In the MV of "Hu Nan Yao Ding Kuo", Lay Zhang abandoned his usual cool and handsome image. Just like the childhood game idea used in the song's title, the MV also uniquely adopts the "pixel graphics" from the fun-filled Subor gaming console in its visual production and style. With each distinctively colored small square, it builds familiar and playful pixel-style scenes of Hunan with nostalgic sentiments. Listening to the melody of "Yao Yao Ding Ding Kuo", we are momentarily transported back to the gaming consoles of our childhood, enjoying simple and pure happiness.

Lay Zhang

Inspired by "Hu Nan Yao Ding Kuo" to Explore Hunan with Lay Zhang

"Hu Nan Yao Ding Kuo" represents a bold new initiative for Hunan's culture and tourism sector, leveraging Lay Zhang's talent and popularity to introduce the "Hunan accent" to the world. The song is not only a pleasant melody but also a heartfelt encouragement aimed at inspiring the people of Hunan to love and take pride in their hometown, while igniting the enthusiasm of tourists from all over the world to explore this beautiful land.

As a place known for its long history, rich culture, and stunning natural scenery, Hunan boasts numerous unique customs and landscapes, making it a highly desirable tourist destination. "Hu Nan Yao Ding Kuo" depicts the splendor of Hunan's landscapes, the profundity of its history, and the significance of its culture through dynamic beats and infectious lyrics, transporting listeners to a familiar yet novel Hunan.

With the spread of "Hu Nan Yao Ding Kuo", both local residents and tourists from other places can feel the enthusiasm and vitality of Hunan, as well as witness its natural beauty and rich culture through this song. So join us on a journey with the melody of "Hu Nan Yao Ding Kuo", exploring the clear waters and green mountains of Hunan, tasting the assorted delicious local food, and having a unique experience filled with the distinct charm of Hunan. The power of music will awaken the passion in our hearts, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of Hunan to the world. This will create more wonderful experiences in cultural tourism, allowing the stories of Hunan to tug at our heartstrings.

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