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Yap Ghai Pang, Malaysia's Representative, wins the Dragon Dream Trophy in Poker Dream Manila

Ghai Pang Yap emerged as the ultimate winner of the Poker Dream Manila Campaign. On the day of the Poker Dream Manila event, the inaugural Short Deck High Roller tournament took center stage. Among the participants were confirmed contenders for the upcoming White Horse Cup – Short Deck Super High Roller event, including early practice rounds for Poker Dream founder Winfred Yu, Wai Kiat Lee, Wai Kin Yong, Danny Tang, and Nobuaki Sasaki.

Yap Ghai Pang, a seasoned poker player with years of experience, has established himself as a formidable presence in the Malaysian poker scene. Throughout his career, Yap Ghai Pang has clinched numerous domestic championships, showcasing his strategic prowess and dedication to the game. His achievements underscore his commitment to excellence and his ongoing pursuit of success in the world of poker.

Yap Ghai Pang competes with the finalists in the campaign.
Yap Ghai Pang competes with the finalists in the campaign.

By the close of registration, the PH₱ 200K buy-in event attracted 31 entries, accumulating a substantial PH₱ 5,532,880 (~US$ 99,300) prize pool. With Short Deck renowned for its large five-card spreads, the competition for the series' inaugural Dream Dragon Trophy was intense, culminating in a thrilling showdown won by Yap Ghai Pang. You can revisit the excitement through the livestream recorded by media outfit Life Of Poker, available on the Poker Dream Facebook page with Japanese and English commentators. Below, we also provide a brief recap of the event.

Buy in: PH₱ 200,000 (~US$ 3,670) Entries: 31 Prize pool: PH₱ 5,532,880 (~US$ 99,300) ITM: 5 places

PlacePlayerFlagPayouts in PHP
1Yap Ghai PangMalaysia1,000,000*
2Rene Van KrevelenNetherlands2,456,880*
3Nobuaki SasakiJapan900,000
4Daniel TangUK650,000
5Wei Zhen NgMalaysia526,000
*Heads up deal

Despite sporting a smile, Hing Yaung Chow fell short of cashing out, finishing just one spot away. His J (Heart), 10 (Diamond) was bested by Wei Zhen Ng's K (Heart), 10 (Heart)

Wei Zhen Ng
Wei Zhen Ng

Securing a solid position in the money, Rene Van Krevelen caught fire, eliminating the next three players consecutively. His streak began with Wei Zhen Ng, overcoming him in two showdowns, followed by Danny Tang in 4th place. Tang's Broadway hand (K, 10 Spade) fell to the board (Q Heart, A Club, 7 Spade, J Heart, Q Club), besting K Heart, K Diamond. Nobuaki Sasaki took 3rd place, with his dominant hand (K Spade, Q Club) over J Spade, 9 Club.

Seizing a commanding lead, Van Krevelen and Yap Ghai Pang reached an ICM payout agreement, securing a significant portion of the remaining prize pool totaling PH₱ 2,456,880 (~US$ 44,100). Yap Ghai Pang claimed the prestigious Dragon Dream trophy along with PH₱ 1,000,000 (~US$ 17,900). The next Short Deck High Roller event, featuring a PH₱ 280,000 (~US$ 5,140) buy-in, is scheduled for Saturday, April 29th, starting at 2pm at the Grand Wing of Newport World Resorts.

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