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Merger Between Horizon Plus Global and Horizon Plus Ind. Announced by Board

  • Horizon’s Chief Executive Officer Miss Sui Lee Appointed Chairman
  • Board Consists of Experienced Leaders in the Electronics, EVs, Solar Energy and Innovative Technology Industries with Traditional Corporate Business Management

TAIPEI, Apr. 08, 2024 – Horizon Plus Global, doing business as traded special purpose acquisition company, Horizon Plus Ind., today announced its Board of Directors, effective at the beginning of its business combination.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Plus Global and Horizon Plus Ind. is comprised of five (5) directors that bring considerable field operations, corporate governance and executive management experience across these sectors.

Sui lee, Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Horizon Plus Global, “We are grateful to have inspired both experienced public and private company executives to help shape the trajectory of Horizon Plus Ind., Each member brings distinct operating skills that will help us execute sharply as we move into 2025. I look forward to working in partnership with this elite group to continue the development of our ground breaking technology.”

The new composition of the Board of Directors includes one newly appointed director:

Abhishek Chaturvedi, Founder member Horizon Plus Ind.

Chaturvedi is the co-founder, to the launch of Horizon Plus Ind., his deep operational experience alongside a passion for technical innovation has propelled in formation of Horizon Plus Ind. to the forefront of the Advanced technologies in the energy sectors.

Earlier Chairman, Miss Sui Lee welcomed, Mr. Abhishek Chaturvedi and has admired him, for the future good hold of the company.

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