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FAO Park - Global Library of Trees and Flowers

Rome - Today, the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), QU Dongyu, and the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, launched the FAO Park - Global Library of Trees and Flowers project, a green space initiative to educate the public about the importance of biodiversity and plants for life on earth.

In his remarks during the ceremony, QU emphasized that we need to not only talk about green development but to take our own "green step" and plant trees, for green production, a green economy, and a greener society.

FAO Director-General QU Dongyu, Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri. Launch of FAO Park ‘Global library of Trees and Flowers’. FAO Conference, 43rd Session, FAO headquarters
Photo credit: ©FAO/Cristiano Minichiello. Copyright ©FAO.

The project will involve the planting of various species of trees on a 2.5-hectare plot in the Villa Pamphili Park in Rome. The area will include educational and learning paths, surrounded by greenery, that are specifically dedicated to schools and families with the aim of empowering young people to take action and raising their awareness of the values of sustainability, inclusion, international cooperation, innovation and food security.

According to phytosanitary guidelines, FAO has already prepared a list of species compatible with the local environment, identifying the initial group of trees that will be planted next fall. FAO Members will have the opportunity to contribute additional proposals, promoting a collaborative approach to the project.

The symbolic act of planting trees and vegetation representative of all regions of the world embodies the global unity and collective action needed to promote a more sustainable and food-secure world. FAO Park will serve as a reminder that only by joining forces can pressing global challenges be addressed.

Featured Photo Credit: ©FAO/Cristiano Minichiello. Copyright ©FAO.

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