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Best Zenly alternative? Jagat racks up 2+ million downloads in one month, a new era of map socializing

On February 3, 2023, Zenly, a popular social app that featured real-time location sharing among family and friends, was eventually shut down by its parent company Snap after operating for 8 years, 1 month, and 26 days, due to the "economic climate" the company was facing. For Zenly's 400 million users, Zenly was more than just an app they used for daily interactions with their family and friends; it had become part of their life. It watched them grow, laugh, and cry and was always there for them through ups and downs. This explained why they were so disappointed and upset about Zenly's shutdown, and even today many of them are still looking for apps that could replace Zenly.

This March, a team in Singapore developed a brand new map socializing product named Jagat. This app soon took the Internet by storm, and many former Zenly users started to call it "the best Zenly alternative".

Jagat overtakes Zenly, sweeping the social app circle

Shortly after its launch, Jagat quickly went viral on social media across many countries. Due to its designs and features that are highly similar to Zenly, Jagat hit 500 thousand downloads in only 3 days and made it top of the "free app list" in many European and Asian countries.

According to the Jagat team, though the app has been online for only 40 days, it has successfully captured multiple markets around the world and has become the most downloaded social app in countries and regions like Spain, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan. As of today, Jagat has crossed 2 million downloads worldwide.

Jagat follows in Zenly's footsteps, updating new features regularly

The reason why Jagat manages to stand out from an ocean of social apps in the market seems quite obvious at first sight: it bears a remarkable resemblance to Zenly. But digging deeper, it's not hard to notice something else. The team that made Jagat is made up of hundreds of professionals, who all have years of experience working in the Internet industry, specifically in the social product field. According to them, their powerful R&D team is doing all that's necessary to make sure that Jagat runs stably and smoothly. They'll bring new updates to the app every week, which generally include performance optimization and new features to meet users' growing needs and expectations.

Features and functions that are available now on Jagat includes emoji bombing, real-time location, moving speed, battery percentage, footprints, highlights, What'sUp, NOW, pops, Zenly data import, and more. According to the team, Jagat will release its Version 1.3.5 this month, which will focus on resolving the issue of the app using too much battery. In the coming versions, Jagat will introduce some other new features such as saving pictures from NOW and What'sUp, sending videos in chat, friend albums, etc.

These are actions that the Jagat team has taken to show that it's following in Zenly's footsteps. Jagat will be dedicated to uncovering user needs and making them happen so it can provide users with the most real social experiences in terms of both designs and functions.

Jagat map social app

Multiple languages available and easy to use

Jagat aspires to provide social services for users all over the world, not one specific market. Users will have full access to all of Jagat's features, regardless of which country they're in. This is reflected in the "Jagat" word itself, which means "world" in Sanskrit. It is the Jagat team's hope to carry on Zenly's mission, bring warmth to users, and connect friends all over the world.

The Jagat team has set up their official accounts on all mainstream social media so that users can easily reach out to them. Whatever questions or suggestions users may have, they can directly send a message to the Jagat team on social media. Jagat's support team will collect all feedback from users and respond in a timely manner.

"As a map socializing app that is created using location-based technologies, our team is dedicated to providing the best map socializing experience for our users." said CEO of Jagat. "We're constantly in touch with our users, so we can better understand their needs and expectations and improve our product accordingly. We'll also make continuous efforts to improve the quality and performance of our product and service to ensure that users have the best map socializing experience on Jagat."

At press time, Jagat is still conquering social app lists in many countries across the world. Will it become the next sensation in the social app category? Only time will tell.

About Jagat

Jagat APP, developed by Jagat Technology, is a real-time sharing APP for users to stay updated with friends and see what they are up to on JAGAT with instant messages and video chats, and build private communities.

Jagat official website: https://www.jagat.io/

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.jagat.lite&hl=zh&gl=US

Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/ro/app/jagat/id1671315416

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