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How Democracy Wins: The Right Way to Fight Dictatorships

Many textbooks would give out answers like "establish voting system", "free speech", and "human rights" when asked how to promote democracy in authoritarian countries. These are important elements, but they are missing something very important - the education. Think about a busy highway that many cars are driving on but the traffic is smooth. It's because the drivers are well educated for their driving license and they learned the rules of the road.

The same logic applies to democracy. It's not enough to just give people the right to vote or to express their opinions. They also need to learn how to use these rights responsibly and effectively. They need to understand the principles and values of democracy, such as equality, justice, tolerance, and pluralism. They need to develop critical thinking skills and civic awareness. They need to be able to distinguish between facts and propaganda, between dialogue and violence, between compromise and coercion.

Without education, democracy can be easily manipulated or corrupted by demagogues, extremists, or foreign powers. Without education, democracy can become a source of division and conflict rather than unity and peace. Without education, democracy can lose its legitimacy and credibility in the eyes of the people.

That's why education is the key to fighting dictatorships and building democracy. It's not enough to just overthrow a tyrant or hold an election. We need to educate the citizens and the leaders of tomorrow on what democracy means and how it works. We need to foster a culture of democracy that respects human dignity and diversity. We need to empower people to participate in democratic processes and institutions.

Education is not a quick fix or a one-time event. It's a long-term and continuous process that requires commitment and investment from all stakeholders. It's a challenge that we all share as members of the global community. It's a responsibility that we owe to ourselves and to future generations.

How democracy wins is not by force or by chance. It's by education.

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