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The New Upgrade of NoxPlayer — Android 12 Release in Autumn

 NoxPlayer has announced the release of its new engine based on Android 12 emulator, which will be comprehensively upgraded in terms of vision, performance and compatibility, improving the experience for players worldwide. It offers a new way for emulator players to have the smoothest and best experience!

Last year, NoxPlayer, one of the best Android emulators and FREE of charge, released the first Android 9 emulator. The PC software built in cool features such as Google Play Store, multi-instances, and game launcher. It is easy to set up and use and is compatible with most mainstream games. NoxPlayer has integrated three different version of engines including the leading Android 9 and the following version 12 as expected, allowing all types of hardware to choose accordingly.

“As the market of Android emulators and smartphones have gradually matured, the team was facing various challenges,” says Jason, the product manager. With higher market demands and user expectations, the Android 12 emulator will officially be released this year later, which will be beneficial for all gamers.

The upcoming Android 12, equipping with its self-optimized new android system which is compatible with major mobile games on the market.  In the aspect of vision and sound, the NoxPlayer team has also fully optimized them according to different user feedbacks and needs worldwide. 

Furthermore, NoxPlayerZ, the new product of Nox Limited will be based on Android 12 and released in fall 2022. Providing an alternative for gamers who wishes to use Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) and Google Play Games for PC last year. The beacon indicates that generation Z are not satisfied with just mobile platform, switching among devices are now a mainstream for better gaming experience.

“We are very glad about the tech giants joining us in mobile on PC gaming field, but NoxPlayer has already developed several years of experience in global market, the challenges are just getting escalating with more competitors join in ” recalled Cynthia May, with new Android 12 engine and a new form of emulator for Gen Z. 

No matter what, NoxPlayer will always remain true to our original aspiration and go ahead bravely.

For more information, please visit NoxPlayer official website: https://www.bignox.com/

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