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NoxPlayerZ – The New Mobile Gaming Platform Launched in 2022

 Since NoxPlayer (Android emulator) was successfully launched, Nox Limited has been deeply involved in Android emulators for 7 years. In 2022, NoxPlayerZ, a brand-new mobile gaming platform of Nox Limited makes your playing on PC easier! With its lightweight and simple use, mobile games & apps work perfectly on any device without having problems. What’s more, the upcoming Android 12 will be available on NoxPlayerZ, which is a big step for mobile and PC gaming.


Distinguished from NoxPlayer, NoxPlayerZ is aiming for “Android emulator Lite” along with its fresh features of simplifier operation! Nevertheless, the platform comes with multiple Android versions and is perfectly compatible with X86 and AMD devices,  the system will push the best optimized Android engine accordingly to launch the game, making it an excellent option to have massive game resources of fun and entertainment on your PC at any time.

Features and Highlights

  1. One-click & Less space occupied

Many gamers are trapped in low performance and high CPU occupied when they use emulators. NoxPlayerZ builds in simplified one click functions, a small installation package and all game sources that are verified by Google Play Store.

  1. Perfect Gaming Experience & Compatibility

The platform allows you to control with keyboard and mouse to input and play mobile games & apps on PC directly, and comes with a default macro recorder to repeat complex operations with just one click next time. It’s also compatible with almost all types of mobile and offers you the stablest and smoothest gaming experience. No lag, no annoying messages, you’ll never be bothered in the world of games.

  1. Lightweight Gaming Platform

Enjoy the excellent mobile operating system Android from your computer with a lightweight package. It includes thousands of applications, and you can enjoy all of Android’s catalog on your PC with lightweight and fastest gaming.

Years of emulator experiences, NoxPlayer now provides an alternative for gamers who wishes to use Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) and Google Play Games for PC last year. The beacon indicates that generation Z are not satisfied with just mobile platform, switching among devices are now mainstream for a better gaming experience.

For more information, please visit NoxPlayerZ official website: https://en.bignox.com/noxplayerz/

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