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From Initiator to Extreme Opposer - 3 Real Life Examples of Perpetrator's Guilt

By John R Perry via Pixabay 

We often heard stories of lovers who later turn against each other in extreme hatred, the extreme goes two ways and nothing in between.  

Some of the countries in the world who claim to be most democratic and free are full of dark histories of racism, slavery and human legal human trafficking - and now, they became the extreme opposite version of their early selves.

Why the extreme?  I think it can be called the Perpetrator's Guilt.  

Replenishment psychology at play

One most important psychological factor that come into play during perpetration is the concept of replenishment. This refers to the psychological need people have to maintain their balance and a social mask in order to be respected, but they are actually very different people inside.

This idea can apply to an individual, and also to a group of people, even a nation.

The one who starts it, later becomes the one who oppose it most fiercely - example of Germany on their open border policy 

One of the most important examples of how a perpetrator's guilt can be used to justify actions is Germany's open border policy on refugees.  This has strong connection to their treatment to Jews during the World War II because they want to cleanse the guilt of the Holocaust.

After the Holocaust, many Germans felt guilty about their role in the genocide and wanted to do everything they could to atone for their sins. This led to Germany's current open border policy, which allowed millions of refugees from the Middle East and Africa into the country.

The German government becomes the other extreme - they accept refugees unconditionally, provide them high standard of social welfares on the expenses of the working class; but what they didn't care is that, in the end, the remaining Jews in Germany not only don't benefit from such policy but again become the victims along with German women and children.

This policy was controversial from the start. Many people in Germany felt that it was wrong to allow so many refugees into the country. They argued that it would lead to further increases in crime and terrorism.

However, the German government refused to listen to these critics. They believed that opening up the borders is their duty, but deep down inside this is to help cleanse Germany's conscience and make them feel more responsible for their actions during the Holocaust.

Example of USA on their Immigration Policy - To Cleanse the Guilt of Black Trade

The Perpetrator's Guilt also play out on the USA's immigration policy. The USA has been heavily involved in black trade in the previous centuries, fand as a result, many people have accumulated a lot of guilt.

On one hand, the legal immigrants are the wealthy people from developed countries; on the other hand, the illegal immigrants can enjoy many benefits and rights that legal immigrants need to fight hard for. This leaves many people in doubt of the inconsistency. 

Example of China on Their Zero-Covid19 Policy - To Cleanse the Guilt of Starting It

When most of the world already return to normal life, China is still tight on their zero-covid19 policy, people are required to wear masks in public and some areas are still under quarantine. 

The reason that China wants to show the world of their Covid19-free map is because the virus first started in China. In order to justify the claim of Covid19 virus origin, they have to first be free from it.

The Zero-Covid19 policy has its negative side to their people, many people are literally driven crazy by confining to their homes for a long time.

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