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Wanna promote your crypto in Asia? Do this!

Investing in Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies has been an obvious option for institutional investment arms, wealthy individuals and also general public in the recent year.  Hence, many startups are flushing to developing in blockchain and the applications are expending.

If you have a great blockchain technology in the pipeline, or a good crypto currency for public offering, wouldn’t you like the world to know about it?  Of course you do, and the first thing comes to your mind is mostly likely “Going to the news/ press”. 

Then, you can either google about the press you'd like to pitch and knock at the door one by one, or pay for press release distribution service for a quick work.  While English press release is rather easy to approach, what about the Far East countries in Asia?

The barrier of approaching Asian press is not just the language -- there are local regulations, etiquette and more, in order to successfully pitch the media.  They expect you to know all these things - and if you think any locals can help you solve this issue, it is not likely.  Unless you know someone from the news industry, the chances are locals don't know more than you do.

This is where the power of Topic News PR comes in.  Operated by a group of professional PR practitioners with international backgrounds, Topic News PR can take your press release into a wide-spread news on major Asian news sites. 

There's no better and faster way to build credibility than to use a press release service.

Topic News offers a direct and transparent way to purchase a Asia press release distribution service, with proven records of reaching top news media, all you have to do is to upload or email your press release content in English, and Topic News PR team will work out the magic for you - from translation, editorial proof-reading, distribution and reporting.

Get your news online in Asia!

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