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Police are shooting at citizens in Myanmar - first hand information from Myanmar!!

To All Readers,

I don't know how many people will get to read this article, but I got a very important message from an acquaintance in Myanmar.

I requested him to send me pictures and videos that I can spread, so here they are with his pleading words.

The situation is worse than we thought, please read what he wrote and spread the words to the world leaders. Something has to be done!

.... it is true that Myanmar need saving and we are in grave danger!

The military which killed thousands of students and citizens at past year 1988, are the same military which put Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi to jail and is again pointing gun towards us. We can't let the history repeat itself and we are also trying .As for today, it has been two days that all citizens are out on street and protesting these military dogs. But again in Myawaddy City, police is shooting directly at citizens. We also heard there will be another internet shutdown soon. We feel like our freedom is taken away within days by brutal military dogs.

Please help spread the message!

Aung K. T.


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