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Future of 'Fourth Screen' - Watch this amazing 3D big wave

Ocean waves crashing loudly in the heart of one of the world's busiest cities.
Powerful waves curling and swirling within a see-through water tank.
This anamorphic illusion-situated in downtown Seoul - is dazzling visitors.

"This huge 80-by-20 meter wave trapped inside what appears to be an aquarium is a public art installation displayed on South Korea's largest digital billboard. It's also one of many digital information displays that have become deeply immersed in our daily lives."

Dubbed Digital Signage,… it's a form of digital installation that beams multimedia content for informational or advertising purposes, and are gradually being seen in major cities around the world.
Leading the industry: South Korean tech giants Samsung and LG Electronics.
Samsung Electronics has been dominating the market for over a decade, controlling 27-percent of the global market share in 2019, followed by its local rival LG Electronics with 12 percent.
Translate that into monetary figures. Research firm Omdia forecasts the industry to reach over 15-billion U.S. dollars by 2023 from 12-and-a-half-billion this year.

"Screens have become lifestyle products. They not only make a statement in our homes but they reflect and help us in our daily lives."

It's already become part of our daily lives, with 4th generation digital signage that uses Artificial Intelligence.
From interactive displays that are already readily available to holographic advertising, and face recognition based on personal information built into glass these are some of the next steps the industry is preparing to take.
But industry watchers say that getting to that point is going to take a while.

"There isn't strong market demand as much of the focus remains on smartphones and display panels. That's the reason why we haven't seen much development within the sector."

Still, while it may not seem essential right now,.. it's important that South Korean firms maintain their strong lead in global market before the industry sees an explosion in demand as we head further into the fourth industrial revolution.

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