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Beautiful Japan: Autumn Leaves in Yokokan Garden Fukui

When Autumn comes, there are many beautiful autumn scenes with colorful leaves around Japan.
The place is "Yokokan Garden".  Matsudaira's villa, where the Fukui Domain was paid during the Edo period, is a venerable garden designated as a national beauty spot of the country.

Yokokan Garden shows a beautiful appearance every season, but I was especially impressed by the collaboration with the autumn leaves.
The best time to see the autumn leaves is around mid-November.
Only during this time can you enter at night.

When you enter the mansion and look at the central pond, you will see the breathtakingly beautiful autumn leaves.

The feature of Yohokan Garden is that it is called a “Walking-style garden with groves and ponds garden”, with a large pond at the center.
It has a mechanism that allows you to enjoy different scenery depending on the location, such as the view from the shore or from the top of the ship.

If you have a chance to visit Japan in autumn, do not forget this place. 


"Autumn Leaves in Yokokan Garden Fukui" © by kskphoto as displayed on FIND/47 (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)

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