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An Important Message from Spiritual Leader Supreme Master Ching Hai on Veganism

Solutions to save lives, prevent future pandemics and mitigate global warming




London, May 12, 2020 (BeVeganMakePeace.co.uk) - World-renowned spiritual teacher, artist, and humanitarian, Supreme Master Ching Hai recently addressed all global leaders and government officials regarding changes that should be identified and implemented in order to pave the way for a sustainable world for everyone. Her oratory highlighted the preservation and diligent conservation of not just human beings but also our animals as a way of establishing a balance of ecosystems. The message conveys the importance of animal protection by humans that will initiate the process of curbing future damage to nature or its inhabitants.


The world is on the verge of falling apart as we are already experiencing the threat of damage if control is not implemented right away. Animals are going into the red zone of endangerment with many species going extinct at an alarming rate. The signs of destruction and demolition can be seen everywhere given the rising amount of global epidemics and diseases that has carved its way into human habitation and community. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that need immediate addressing. One of the major producers of methane gas leading to an accelerated increase in temperature of our planet is animal raising industries for meat and other resources. In an attempt to quench our greed and thirst for easy living and financial capitalism, we have dug the hole of destruction.

Supreme Master Ching Hai, in her message, presses the importance of implementing vegan law across the world. Animal farming and the various business branches that emerge from it are not only brutal in terms of moral wrongdoings but also endangers our life on earth. Capitalism and business exploitation have replaced compassion and kindness and a law that applies vegan practices around the world is the only way to reach physical and spiritual salvation.

We have seen the world burning in forest fires, extinction of animal species, loss of land, and much more owing to the greed of exploiting animals for human needs. Even though the inevitable can be foreseen, business honchos and big companies rule out the importance of veganism and chase monetary interests over fighting for basic living conditions. The changes from years of exploiting the resources of the earth have resulted in a disaster that people are failing to realize.

According to Supreme Master Ching Hai, the veganism way of life is one of the most important ways to restore what our planet has lost. Animals are used for their meat and skin and other products that humans consume without feeling a sense of compassion. Nobody is ready to give up their lifestyle choices and work towards the greater deed. Veganism is the way of a sustainable world that will clear out all the redundant issues and drawbacks that the world is currently facing.

Supreme Master Ching Hai's message is a cry for help to all the government bodies and leading parties around the world who have the power to make and break rules. Her words of wisdom and foresight are just to make everyone realize the damage that has already been done and how that can be recovered by implementing veganism.

With all our hope, prayers and deepest sincerity, we are inviting you to hear this important message by clicking on the following link 

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