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Grow veggies on your walls: Vertical Field makes Indoor farming possible

Take traditional fields crops and turn it 90 degrees, vertical farming is that simple.  Today’s revolutionary farming methods not only save space and resources, it also gives the "return to natural" possibility to the residents living between skyscrapers.

Nowadays, the majority of us have no agricultural ties or connections to our sources of food, not talking about exposure to the traditional farmland. Moreover, as the global population is expanding, the earth is heating up. Vertical farming provides farming and greening fit for city life that we all much yearn for.  

Advanced Urban farming solution, soil based as in natural.

Grown indoors in a geoponic (soil-based) platform, indoor vertical farming requires very little space to thrive. It also uses less soil and water than traditional farming - 90% less water, to be precise.  Besides, geoponic farming takes fewer days to grow, easy to maintain and harvest, and the indoor environment means your home-grown cozy farm is entirely free from exposure to insects, and the prestigious Star-K kosher certification proves it.

If you've seen the lively green buildings, that's vertical field at work as well

Do not mistake that the green can only grow indoors; they can grow as fine outdoors and roof-top, making it the best living wall any building can possibly have.

Adding fresh green in the city bring many benefits – it reduces building temperature, attracts eye-balls, and can even ease people's anxiety.  In shorts, it looks great, feels great, and tastes great.

Great for restaurants, too

Most restaurants want to be able to provide tasty, fresh produce year-round, but it’s expensive to import or travel from great distances across the country and moreover, sometimes those produce items just weren’t available due to weather conditions.

Vertical Field makes From Farm to Table possible.  Restaurant owners can create a menu all year round with no weather and seasonal constraints, and it is up to the usage of the restaurant to decide exactly how much to harvest, so there will be no waste.  The best part is that it reduces costs and allows the restaurant keeping consistent pricing without external conditions.   

You don't need to have a green thumb to operation a vertical farm,  VboX® can fulfills all the wishes right in your place.  VboX® is a portable farm built in a recycled shipping container. It can be located anywhere and is capable of growing and distributing more than 200 different crops. You can place the VboX® near a supermarket store, in the parking lot, or on top of a hotel’s roof.   The technology enables you easily grow hundreds of different crops that can be harvested and served on the same day. The produce is fresh, healthy, with zero pesticides and super tasty. Just like its living wall product, Vbox® uses 90% less water than conventional agricultural methods and consumes less electricity than any other vertical farming solution.

Commercial vertical farming can help feed people in places where they potentially would not otherwise have access, as long as there are viable sources of water and light. For geoponic solutions, it’s very easy to grow food for the masses without any agricultural training. You could put up a vertical farm or container farm in the parking lot of any grocery store or restaurant chain. Then, reap the benefits: save more money on trucks and fuel than you’d spend on facilities and power to grow your own food.

With the outbreak of Corvid-19, the importance of food security is more required than ever.  Vertical Field answers to the needs of fresh greens even during quarantined times.

About Vertical Field

Vertical Field develops vertical indoor farming and landscaping solutions for urban environments and smart cities. The company was established in 2006, motivated to restore nature in the urban lifestyle. Vertical Field specializes in indoor and outdoor vertical plant growth solutions that improve well-being and environmental conditions in cities.

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