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Washable Mask Could Save the Day

KIM Il-Doo, Professor of material science & engineering (KAIST)
Asian countries who are struck with Coronavirus (COVID-19) have not only stabilized the situation but also started sharing their experience and knowledge with the world.
China, the core of the COVID-19 spreading, locks down numerous cities and stops public transportation and now many European countries follow suit. Taiwan demonstrates strict custom entry and the central-controlled mask distribution and purchasing policy that saves the citizens from mask shortage crisis. Japan and Korea, both have successfully taken control of the situation, are developing products that can help us all to fight the virus war, such as the washable mask using nanofiber filters developed by the S. Korean researchers, could save the worldwide mask shortage situation.
This mask filter, which can be placed inside a cotton mask was developed to maintain its efficiency even after more than 20 washes using soap.

The filter’s structure also remains unchanged after three hours of disinfection with alcohol which means it can be used for more than a month. The filter maintained its structure and 94 percent of its KF80 to N95 filtration ability after being dipped in ethanol. It also withstood four-thousand crumples and stretches.

Once commercialized, the filter could solve the mask shortage as well as reduce the environmental impact of masks when they’re thrown away.
We’ll continue to find good innovations and share with all our readers.

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Source: https://www.topicnews.cn/en/asia-countries-share-knowhow-covid19
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