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He invented this to save his brother, now you can have it too...Innovative Minimax Stool

It all started in one summer, when Josef Zaifman visited his brother, Jacob, who lives in New York. Jacob is a subway technician, and he develops back pain due to standing up and bending down all day long at work, without a proper place to sit.

Wanting to help his brother, Yosef looked for a light-weight, foldable, strong yet easy to carry stool, that would make Jacob’s life a little easier.  The result is the Mini Max stool.

 The story behind this invention is heart-warming

Minimax stool, an innovative foldable sitting tool with great sales and profitability potential, is seeking distribution partners for this patented product. 

The state-of-art technically designed, foldable and portable Mini Max stool, can expand from 7 to 45 cm height and hold 130 kg of weight.  It serves people in the world to take a seat wherever they go.

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You never know you need it until you see it

Going camping, shopping, waiting for a bus… there are too many occasions that we have to wait without anything to rest our feet.

Prolonged standing at work has been shown as the cause a number of potentially serious health outcomes, such as lower back and leg pain, cardiovascular problems, fatigue, discomfort, and pregnancy related health outcomes.  Suggested interventions include the use of sit-stand workstations/chairs.

People should not stand more than 2 hours continuously or for more than 30% of the work day without some type of fatigue-reducing interventions, according to several medical researches.

"Have a seat everywhere, anytime" is what a Minimax stool for. It comes in handy and the scenarios to use a Mini Max stool are endless.  No matter you’re a technician who needs to lower your body for work, or a house owner who needs to tend to the gardens, Mini Max Stool can be easily carried wherever you go and be adjusted to the height you need.

In summary: 

  • Minimax stools is a innovative stool that is foldable, portable stylish
  • The stool is light weight, only weighs about 1KG but can hold heavy weight of 120 KG,  
  • Solving the real problem of prolonged standing
  • Already selling a lot in USA and China
  • A rare opportunity for great sales and profitability

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