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TRX and BTC wallet addresses held by Buffett, exposed

Justin Sun Yuchen exposes TRX and BTC wallet addresses held by Buffett
The young Chinese entrepreneur who won the bid to dine with Warren Buffett, Sun tweeted that having dinner with Buffett was not only for charity, but also discussed differences of opinion on investment and life experience.
Sun is the founder and CEO of TRON, and he also owns BitTorrent and UTorrent.

In terms of charitable influence, the dinner meeting was a success. Sun gifted Buffett some BTC and TRX, and later Buffett said he donated all the cryptocurrencies.

Buffett said he will not invest in currencies because its value lays in the purchasing requests of other buyers.  Once no one wants to buy, its value becomes meaningless.

Finally, Sun also shows the TRX wallet address (TFtQ66PeCKB29CKoLGyTYsh3k9oU6tuy7L) and BTC wallet address (3AsXDKX1etLgegepVeJbhj7WeZiypVMgdt) held by Buffett.
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