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S. Korean researchers develop eco-friendly way of making sebacic acid

Sebacic acid, which is used to make cosmetics and plastic products, is produced through the thermal decomposition of castor oil.
There have been concerns that this method causes environmental damage …as it produces waste water containing sodium sulfate as a byproduct.
Now, Korean researchers have found a way to produce sebacic acid using genetically modified microbes, which is more environmentally-friendly.

"We enhanced the production capacity of sebacic acid through the amplification of genes in strains of microbes that have the potential to produce the acid."

The researchers were able to increase production capacity by 98 percent …and produce high purity sebacic acid.

"The technology can be used to produce various materials in the future and could contribute to the revitalization of the bioplastic material industry."

The study was published in the Royal Society of Chemistry's journal Green Chemistry.

Park Se-young, Arirang News.


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