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Can't go out to work due to coronavirus? Working online not only earns you money but also saves your life!

Many people in the world right now are home quarantined.  If you are afraid to go out to work due to the current coronavirus situation, it can be totally understood.  That is why working online from home is never so requested before.

It turns out that developing a work-from-home career not only can earn money but also possibly save lives.

It's always a good timing to offer online services to the world.  Just like the internet is unlimited, your outreach has no limits, either.  An English-Spanish translator can have customers from large corporations to small business owners, from Alaska to Japan.  "Sky's the limit" sounds cliche but it really defines the nature of online works.

You only need 3 simple steps to start offering your online business.
1. List out the things you can do, and check out the rate you can charge
2. Build your online presence - be it a website, a free blog or your facebook account, people need to be able to find you on the internet.
3. Promote it.

Micro Job Market provides an online classified website for freelancers to post their services with pricing and direct contact details.  Unlike other platforms that limit direct contact between freelancers and clients, Micro Job Market promotes 100% transparency and 0% commission.  The founder, John Hersh said believes that freelancers should be able to work without depending on any platforms.  It's like you don't invest all your money in one asset, you don't want to depend your income on one platform that is held by some big company.

A post on Micro Job Market is free, or you can choose to upgrade to Pro service at $20 if you'd like.

Visit Micro Job Market https://www.mjobmarket.com for more information.

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