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The World is not fair to Jeff Bezos

Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson, Flickr

We all feel sorry for the people and animals that suffer in Australia's scorching fire.   Many countries in the world dispatch their elite firefighting experts to assist the situation, and many people are kind enough to donate what they can.  

While the competition for saving lives carries on, the competition for "who donate more" also goes hand-in-hand towards the media headlines.  And this is how Jeff Bezos got involved.

The media, such as Weird, has taken a stance to say that Bezos didn't "demonstrate in his solo philanthropic credentials" well enough to their expectation.

Yes, Bezos donated, I quote,  "$690,000 (£531,000) to help Australia recover from devastating fires that have caused over 20 deaths and thousands of people to evacuate their homes.  .... it’s the equivalent of 0.00000073 per cent of the value of his $938.1 billion company."

If you are shocked at Bezos donating $690,000, then I want to ask you, HOW MUCH DID YOU DONATE TO THE CAUSE, IF AT ALL?

Since when philanthropy becomes a show for "philanthropic credentials"?

Donation comes from people's own will, and philanthropy should not become a competition.  This is not an auction for getting a media applause.  Why didn't you see the contribution Bezos has brought to the world: An online superstore that we can buy things at a few clicks; 750,000 employees get to receive a salary from Amazon in 2019; and the cloud service that powers countless online businesses around the globe, and more...

Had Bezos ceased his business and everything he's doing right now, it would have caused a larger damage to the world's economy and even brought a crisis to the world. 

Confucius said that "don't impose things on others that you wouldn't wish done to you."  I wish more people take the time to learn the importance of this moral.
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