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Online Ads become way too high, print ads gain momentum

Google's search engine advertising revenue on keywords accounted for $ 1362.2 billion ($ 1,362,200,000,000).  Google's revenue in 2019 is even higher than 2018, its already as rich as a powerful country.  And no surprising, the second largest advertising platform owner is Facebook.
Americans seem compete fiercely in keyword advertising; but do you know what the most expensive CPC keywords are? Let ’s take a look at the top 5 most expensive cost-per-click keywords on Google:

The cost of online advertising is way too high

With such high online advertising costs, it is no wonder that more and more small and medium-sized enterprises have been unable to afford high-priced online marketing, and have instead switched to traditional advertisements that are cheaper.
In the United States, in addition to the "retro style" in the fashion industry,  the marketing industry has begun to switch to traditional channels: newspapers and magazine ads that people think have entered the end of story are getting sought after by advertisers. Many large brands, such as ASOS, H & M, etc., have created their own magazines and are very popular with consumers. In addition to increasing their own promotional channels, they also add another source of income.

In the UK, 2018 has been a counter-attack year for print ads.  The demand for newspaper and magazine ads has increased. Except for the high cost of online marketing, manipulation and mistrust of online advertising publishers is also a key factor in the rise of traditional media.
Many young people said that they were too tired to see online advertising, while traditional newspaper and magazine ads give  a better experience and source authenticity. 
This is where the important of PR Marketing kicks in.  
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