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Meet Your New Pet - Robot Toy dog "Bongo"

"Animal-type robot" that intimate to your life and adorable. Various animal-type robots have been released by various companies so far, but this fall, a new dog-type robot toy "Oideyo Bongo!" Will be released from the Bandai Namco Group Megahouse.
"Oideyo Bongo!" looks cute, but also smart, entertainer and adorable.
For example, when an owner walks or moves his hand, Bongo follows him, or rolls an attached ball and chases the ball.
If you hold your hand over the Bongo, you will be able to move around the Bongo freely with the included ball-type controller.
Bongo's body expands and shrinks like an accordion, and the tongue, ears, and tail move. In addition, combination of barking and the body movements, it looks like a real dog!
The price is 12,800 yen and is released from mid-October. Come and meet the smart and cute Bongo is perfect for people who want to keep a dog but difficult to have it with the environment reasons. Bongo is really perfect for such as "I want to talk to someone because live by myself" and "I want to be happy and peaceful with dogs".
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