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Venus Coin Project bring innovative usage to cryto currency

Venus Coin Project : Challenges and Solutions of Night Entertainment Industry with Blockchain Technology 

Venus Coin Project [Venus coin project], which is operated by CryptoLive O エ ス ト ニ ア, an Estonian company that has been published in Japan. The project is currently announced that the issuance of Venus Coin (Venus Coin) and the development of an application for its own wallet will be completed. I will tell you how to face each other.

What is the night entertainment industry?

In CryptoLive OÜ, nightclubs, discos, clubs, cabarets, lounges, girls bars and the sex industry are collectively referred to as the night entertainment industry.

Above all, especially in sex, there is a current situation where the legal maintenance and environment for protecting women engaged in various countries in the world are not ready. The Venus platform has been launched as a project aimed at establishing a position dominated by women engaged in the night entertainment industry around the world, across national frameworks.

What is the Venus Platform?

Announced by Estonia's blockchain development company CryptoLive OÜ, the Venus Project, which has now been issued with Venus Coin (Venus Coin) and has developed its own wallet application. By offering a unique payment system and a platform that can be used in the night entertainment industry, it is possible for many users, stores, and employees to use the service safely and quickly. became.

[Providing platform for market]

・ World entertainment + multi-lingual night entertainment search portal site

・ For the world + multi-lingual night club, bar search portal site (including cabaret)

-Global + Multilingual Night Entertainment Recruitment Portal Site

・ For the world + multi-lingual night club, bar job search portal site (including cabaret)

CryptoLive is planning to launch four sites in September 2019.

Job site dedicated to night entertainment

nightclub search site

Problems in the night entertainment market

The size of the night entertainment market is said to be 35.5 trillion yen worldwide and 5 trillion yen in Japan alone, and the population involved in the market is estimated to be 100 million.

Even though it is a huge market up to that point, the current situation is that many issues are left unresolved.

Common issues facing the world

Besides the problems shown above

・ Violence problem

・ Unauthorized sales

・ Payment of tax

・ Fund for anti-social forces ・ ・ ・ etc

Various challenges are left.

We will solve these issues from the front by using a platform using blockchain technology and a unique payment system.

Causal relationship between sex crimes and the night entertainment market

The world sex crime rate and the night entertainment market are close. There is a background behind the prohibition of sex in the countries where sex crimes frequently occur, and development of the market makes it possible to reduce sex crimes.

Image: Top 5 countries in the world sex crime rate

This time, when launching the world's largest night entertainment market portal site, we will firstly consider protecting women's human rights and dignity, complying with safety and legality, and building sound sites and applications Our goal is to eradicate sexual crimes and create a healthy world as our mission.

Management company

For Venus Coin (Venus Coin), Venus Wallet (Venus Wallet), and other projects, please inquire at CryptoLive OU, Estonia.

Company name: CryptoLive OÜ
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