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A rising star in freelance platform

Micro Job Market Earns Quality Recommendation for Freelance Platforms from Business Software Directory.
Having dependable talented individuals and experts can help you propel your business to new heights. Finding suitable freelancers for the job, however, can prove difficult and costly. According to business software directory FinancesOnline, Micro Job Market solves these issues by allowing businesses and organizations reliably hire professionals without straining their resources to expensive commissions. 
Micro Job Market earned FinancesOnline’s quality recommendation as one of the top 20 freelance websites for beginners and best freelance platform alternatives 
– Finances Online
Securing an 85% user satisfaction rating and the Verified Quality seal, Micro Job Market earned FinancesOnline’s quality recommendation as one of the top 20 freelance websites for beginners and best freelance platform alternatives. Furthermore, our online freelance marketplace was also distinguished as a Rising Star for 2018 due to its increasing market popularity and positive customer reception. 
FinancesOnline’s Micro Job Market overview (read here) shed light on why companies and organizations love our online freelance platform. According to them, the positive reception can be attributed to our large database of professional freelancers who specialize in various industries, direct communication with freelancers without any middlemen, and stringent checking on freelancer background and skills and professional expertise. 
Micro Job Market’s simplicity for hiring professional freelancers allowed us to win FinancesOnline’s Premium Usability 2018 Award. Freelancer seekers simply need to post a recruitment notice to find qualified candidates. 
The FinancesOnline review platform also lauded Micro Job Market for providing freelancers with a “stable” platform for seeking employment opportunities. 
A big thank you to all the professional freelancers and businesses who helped us succeed in 2018. We’ll continue to provide everyone with an exceptional freelance platform this 2019 and the years to come.

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